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March 2007,


Plow Less and Save More
Save 3.5 gallons of fuel per acre using biological farming to reduce tillage.

by Kristi Kirk


SUMMARY: Part II of VII,  Seven Simple Strategies to Save BIG Money on Farm Inputs - Biological farming and fertilizer  helps farmers reduce tillage to save on fuel and production costs.

"Conservation Tillage" may not be two words that make the heart beat fast, but "saving thousands" might be.

The current rising trend in fuel prices has encouraged more producers to look into reduced tillage farming practices made possible by biological soil management. Because a soil with high biological levels is softer and plows more easily, farmers are able to adopt reduced tillage methods they were unable to follow before.

Biologically treated soils plow more easily which means fewer trips across the field. While its no secret every pass you make costs money, youd be surprised how quickly the savings add up with each one you eliminate.

According to  the Conservation Technology Center at Purdue University, a farmer can save at least 3.5 gallons of fuel per acre by going from conventional tillage methods to no-till.   No-till is a conservation practice that leaves the soil undisturbed from harvest through planting except for narrow strips that cause minimal soil disturbance.

At $2.70 per gallon that's a savings of $4,725 on a five-hundred acre farm!

More complete information on how to reduce farm costs, including biological farming and soil management techniques to reduce tillage, save fuel and increase crop yields, can be found online at

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